About Humboldt Distillery

Humboldt Distillery is located at 735 10th Street in Fortuna, California, a small town in Humboldt County.

Humboldt County is home to the world’s tallest trees, unusually long stretches of undeveloped coastline, pristine rivers and a forest as old as the dinosaurs. The watershed that Humboldt Distillery draws from originates in Humboldt’s old growth forests.

Humboldt Beginnings

Abe Stevens founded Humboldt Distillery as a result of his love for Humboldt County and his affinity for chemistry and process improvement. A fifth-generation Humboldt native, Stevens graduated from Fortuna High School then attended the University of Chicago where he received degrees in chemistry and biochemistry. After college, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry doing research and development. He also became an accomplished tournament poker player and a successful real estate investor but found his true passion making organic spirits in his hometown.

Tastings & Tours

At this time, tastings and tours are scheduled by appointment only. Please contact us if you’re interested in getting a closer look. Call 707-725-1700, or Contact Us.